Why us?

At Suki's we believe a standard walk just isn't enough to satisfy our dogs mentally. Our sessions ensure your dogs brain is engaged when out with us aiding in them living a richer fuller life. Our enrichment sessions give dogs the chance to enjoy off lead freedom in a safe controlled environment where they can utilise their natural insticts.

Remember a dog with an enriched life is a well behaved dog at home! 

So what is 'enrichment'?

🐶 What is enrichment? And why do we at Suki’s K9 Services believe in it so passionately? 

Canine enrichment includes any safe, dog-appropriate activity that gives your pet a richer, fuller life. The best canine enrichment activities should provide an outlet for your dogs natural instincts. This will help keep his brain busy and nurture his physical health and mental well-being.

But it’s important to understand that canine enrichment is not optional, even though it sounds like it may be — at least, not for compassionate owners. Wild canines may not enjoy all of the creature comforts their domestic counterparts do, but they live complex lives that are full of stimuli. They spend their lives sniffing, exploring, hunting, and solving problems.

Living in the wild may not make for a very cushy existence, but it’s certainly not a dull affair.

By contrast, our domestic doggos — whose basic needs are met by their humans — must often endure soul-crushing boredom on a daily basis. We bring them their food and water, tell them what to do and when to do it, and are essentially the gatekeepers for their life experiences.  

So, it is incumbent upon us to provide them with plenty of stimulation to make sure that they live their best lives. Enrichment provides an effective way to do so.


Ever come home to this?

If so, your dog could be lacking some enrichment, fun and exercise. Enrichment is an amazing boredom buster and our sessions will break up their week and give them a way to socialise in a controlled and structured way.


Better Behaved

Mentally stimulated dogs don't misbehave!

New Friends

Socialise in a controlled structured way


We use training exercises in our canine enrichment


More responsive to you when out and about


An outlet for your do to burn off excess energy


Generally happier and more full filled dogs after our sessions

Exclusive exercise by the enrichment specialists

Our sessions are designed with enrichment as our priority for our clients. Using training exercises, games & play, we encourage our dogs to perform natural behaviours. We learn about all our dogs personally and provide a personalised enrichment plan based on what they enjoy. Behaviours that dogs find enriching differ from dog to dog so we learn what your dog enjoys and utilise these exercises to ensure a full filled session with us.